Urban Adventure Camps is a unique day camp that takes campers on daily field trips throughout the Bay Area to the top museums, activities and urban attractions. Children get to learn how to navigate the Bay Area and gain confidence and independence.


(Must be a credentialed teacher)


(Must be at least 17 years of age) 

Jobs at UAC

Camp is not only fun and exciting for the kids; it is fun and exciting for the staff too!  We get to go to our favorite places in the Bay Area every day of the week, with kids that are interested in the same stuff as us.  We think that this is the best job in the world!  At UAC, we believe that camp is not camp unless it is fun for everyone.

Our number one focus and responsibility is the safety within groups. We expect the very best from our staff. Our days are dependent on time, getting groups where they need to be when they need to be there, all while keeping the campers in the group enthusiastic and excited about what they are doing.

Every group has two adults: one instructor and one counselor. Group size is a maximum of fifteen students and all groups are run independently of each other.  The instructor and counselor work together as a team to keep the group focused, energized, and safe.  Instructors are the leaders of each group with counselors as assistants.  The counselor needs to able to step in and lead the group if the instructor is ever detained or needs to take care of an emergency.

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