Urban Adventure Camps is a unique day camp that takes campers on daily field trips throughout the Bay Area to the top museums, activities and urban attractions. Children get to learn how to navigate the Bay Area and gain confidence and independence.


Below is a list of frequently asked questions.  If you have a question and do not see it on the list, please do not hesitate to call or email us and we will be happy to help you learn more about Urban Adventure Camps.

When and where are pick-up and drop-off?

Our pick-up and drop-off point is designated BART station, making it easy for a working parent to commute.  In the morning, campers will meet their group and instructor and then head out for the day using some form of public transportation. At the end of the day, campers will arrive back at the BART station where they can be picked up or stay for post day care.

What are the camp’s hours?

Campers must arrive at thre dscigmenate  BART by 8am to ensure an on-time departure for their group. Campers should be picked up at 4pm.

Do you offer pre and post day care?

Yes, campers can arrive as early as 7am for pre day care and can be picked up as late as 5:30 for post day care. (pre and post care are only available for camps at Rockridge BART)

What does my child need for camp?

Campers are going to be out and about, travelling through Oakland, Berkeley and San Francisco, for the duration of the camp day.  It is important that they come to camp each morning fully prepared.  Each camper should have:

- Camp hat (will be given to the camper on the first day of camp)

- Closed toed comfortable shoes

- Backpack containing: 

- Lunch

- Water bottle

- Water repelling jacket or a thick sweatshirt and a rain poncho

What shouldn’t my child bring to camp?

UAC feels that it is important to make sure groups bond together without the added stress of technology.  Because of this, we ask that campers leave the following items at home. 

- Cell Phones

- Ipods

- Portable video game systems

- Pocket knives or weapons (child will be expelled immediately and payment will be forfeited)

- Alcohol (child will be expelled immediately and payment will be forfeited)

- Illegal drugs (child will be expelled immediately and payment will be forfeited)

What is the cancellation and refund policy?

In cases of dismissal or voluntary withdrawal, there is no refund of fees. Any cancellation at least two weeks prior to the start of the registered session will result in a refund of 75% of the camp fees less the deposit. Cancellations with notice of less than two weeks will result in a refund of 25% of the camp fee less the deposit. Cancellation the week of camp or a no-show on the day of camp will result in a full loss of payment. A physician authorized written medical excuse is required to be considered for a full refund (less deposit). Requests for refunds with special circumstances must be submitted in writing for consideration. If a camper does not show for a registered session without notice, there will be no refund issued.

How late can I arrive at camp?

Campers need to arrive no later than 8:05AM.  Their day is dependent on making the correct transfers through the public transportation system and it is unfair to make the entire group wait for one camper. If a camper is late, the group will leave without them and the day will be forfeited.

Will I get to see pictures from the week?

Urban Adventure Camps’ instructors are going to be focused on teaching and interacting with the kids, but will, from time to time, stop to take pictures throughout the day. We try our best to place them on the website that evening.

How can I check to see how my camper is doing during the day?

We ask parents not to check in with their campers throughout the day as pulling them away from the group can be very distracting. We ask all parents to make sure that cell phones stay at home. Instructors will post updates throughout the day on Twitter and parents are welcome to follow the posts if they choose.

If there is a family emergency, please call 510-339-0676 and our UAC office will contact the group. If there is any sort of emergency with a camper or the group, we will immediately contact the parents of all of the campers involved.

What is included in the camp fee?

Everything is included except lunch and pre and post day care.  All of the museum entrance fees, the transportation costs and twice a day snacks are included in the camp fees.

What do the kids do in pre and post day care?

Pre and post day care is fun.  We do things like arts and crafts, geocaching, games in the park, library visits and more. All options are in quick reach of Rockridge BART so we can have you child ready to go when you come to get him or her.

Do the campers really go on a field trip every day?

YES!  That is what we are all about.  Every day of the week we travel to different science centers, museums, galleries, etc.; all focused on the specific theme of that week of camp.

How do you supervise / keep together the campers during travel?

With each group (maximum of 15 campers) there are two adults, a counselor and instructor.  When traveling, there is one adult at the front of the group and one at the back.  Both adults constantly focus on and count the campers to make sure that no child strays from the group.  Campers are also assigned a buddy for the day; it is their responsibility to always know where their buddy is.  For younger campers, their buddy is used as a teammate for street crossing and group activities that will occur throughout the day.

What kind of discipline do you do?

Each situation is unique and handled on a case by case basis.  We do not tolerate bullying, horseplay or fighting.  In extreme circumstances, we will always get in touch with the camper’s parent or guardian immediately.

What if my child has already been to the places you go?

Many of the campers in our camps have been to at least one of the places that we go to during the week. We choose locations because campers enjoy them no matter how many times they visit them.  Most of the museums regularly update their featured displays and change around their regular displays in an effort to keep returning visitors on their toes.  Additionally, camp is designed to be a fun and friendly atmosphere.  We encourage questions and teamwork, thus giving the campers a unique experience that they truly enjoy.  Our goal is to send campers home tired at the end of the day with a little more knowledge in their brains and a huge smile on their face. 

What is your Tax ID?

Our Tax ID # is 45-0641654

Do you offer Scholarships

Yes, We do offer need based scholarships that reduce the rate that totals the cost of transportation and museum entrance fees for the week of camp.   We cover everything else. Please take a look at our Sign Up/Scholarships/Bonuses page for more information

Do you offer sibling or multiple session discounts?

Yes, we do offer both sibling and multiple session discounts. If you sign up for online and register at the same time, you will receive an automatic discount during registration. Please check our Sign Up/Scholarships/Bonuses page for more information.

Campers will receive a refund ($25) for each additional session they sign up for after their first session (pre and post day care are not considered sessions).  

(Note: Multi Session and Sibling Bonuses are only available for Summer Camps and need to be registered at the same time.)

Do you offer referral bonuses?

Yes we do.  We have a referral bonus. If you bring a friend and it is their first time attending Urban Adventure Camps, we will give you $25.  Your friend/s can sign up for the camp you are in or any other camp for that summer. There is no limit to how many friends that you can refer. You will receive $25 for each one as long as it is their first time attending Urban Adventure Camps.


- Referral bonuses are only applicable for summer camps. 

  1. -Referral bonuses will be paid at the conclusion of the summer.

Please check our Sign Up/Scholarships/Bonuses page for more information.

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