Urban Adventure Camps is a unique day camp that takes campers on daily field trips throughout the Bay Area to the top museums, activities and urban attractions. Children get to learn how to navigate the Bay Area and gain confidence and independence.


Urban Adventure Camps was founded on the belief that summer camp should be a unique and meaningful experience in the growth of a child.  The UAC experience is one where children are free to discover and explore in a safe and stimulating environment.  UAC gives children an opportunity to follow their own interests as they travel to interesting places around the Bay Area.

Some of the most exciting and enriching experiences during a child’s education take place on field trips.  This type of hands-on exploration is the heart of each UAC program.  We take children to the best museums, science centers, parks and educational opportunities available in the Bay Area.  A qualified instructor that has related subject knowledge and experience working with children supplements each program. The instructors are an in-depth source of information for the students as well charismatic leaders.  

Urban Adventure Camps is not just a summer experience—it's a life experience with value and significance that extends far beyond the boundaries of a single summer.

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